Native American Mounds in Alabama

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Native American Mounds in Alabama:
An Illustrated Guide to Public Sites

by Gregory L. Little (Author), Carol Hicks (Illustrator)

Alabama once had thousands of mounds built by the ancestors of modern Native American tribes as long ago as 5,000 years. In this full-color guidebook, 23 public and ancient Indian mound sites, stonewall sites, and museums devoted to the mound builders are detailed along with details on 23 other sites and numerous smaller mound sites. The locations and other pertinent details are presented in an alphabetical order along with a map showing all of the public sites. The book also includes detailed site maps of several locations where hundreds of stone mounds and stone walls constructed by ancient Native Americans are found. In addition, a host of new archaeological reconstructions are included consisting of the Bessemer Mounds, Bottle Creek Mounds, Buttahatchee Mounds in Hamilton, Collinsville Mound, Florence Mound, Moundville, and the Skeleton Mountain Snake Effigy.