Wayland's Smithy drawing by Carol Hicks

Wayland's Smithy
Colored pencil on toned gray paper
Size: Drawing 8 x 10 inches on 11 x 14 paper
by Carol Hicks

pencil test

Wayland's Smithy Drawing

This drawing drew its inspiration from a photo taken by Don Carroll. I saw the photo on his Facebook page and asked Don if I had his permission to use it. In the past, I have done some paintings using ancient mysteries as a theme, so I thought this Neolithic chamber tomb would be a good study of an existing site. I enjoy working on the textures of large boulders and stones. As I draw them, I imagine running my hands over their surfaces.

At the beginning of the process, I produced a test page to see which pencils labeled gray looked like they would get a good tonal range. Some had green, blue, or brown added to their gray color. I used the grid system to try to capture the image as accurately as possible. This method is slower but helped me create a more accurate drawing.

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