The Spirit of Light Cubit: The Measure of Humanity and Spirit

by Donald B. Carroll

This book is a far-reaching exploration of Don Carroll’s research into an ancient measurement system based on the length of the human spine codified 27 and a half inches that he calls by its Egyptian name the "Spirit of Light Cubit." He tracks the use of this measurement in ancient civilizations like Egypt, sites like Stonehenge, and locations in North America. This provides the archeological evidence of a "lost" civilization. The book suggests that the use of the spine as the basis for measurement in holy sites relates to spiritual practices like Kundalini meditation, which is often symbolized by a serpent. In this type of meditation, the energy of the lower chakras is raised to the higher centers, or, as the author puts it, heaven meets earth, which is also known as the axis mundi.

The book is filled with fascinating insights and the latest research on ancient sites like Göbekli Tepe. It also discusses the possibility that a comet strike or a Coronal Mass Ejection; an ultra-powerful sun flare, changed the course of man’s development in ancient times. Its unique information and journey of discovery format make this a thought-provoking book for those who are curious about alternative theories of humanity’s past.

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Book Illustration by Carol Hicks

Kiva darwing by Carol Hicks

The illustration shows the author's observation that the sunlight’s positioning inside a kiva is a purposeful part of design. At the spring and autumn equinox, sun-beams highlight the "foot drum" portion of the interior, making it a solar observatory.